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Enhance Your Comfort Zone

Combine luxury and comfort to spend a quality lifestyle. Ensure health, safety, and happiness for you and your family.

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Driving is my First Love, not the Odor - "Laura"

MOOD LIGHT- Let's Feel You

BreathFreash™ comes with amazing mood light that changes colors when you use it. Its a pleasure, not a disturbance. You can turn the light OFF anytime you want.

Alloy - Feel the Luxury

BreathFreash™ has no consideration with the premium build quality. It's not anything cheap plastic materials. It comes with a gorgeous, Aluminium Alloy body material that you can feel with every single touch.

Stay Clean with Us

Could you have a look at our Clean Master? Ultra-portable and powerful vacuum cleaner for your car. It will never allow a single dust ball no matter where you do apply it.

The Best or Nothing!!!

Unfortunately, we don't believe in good or better. We only believe in the best for you.

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I had an allergic headache every single time I had a ride. Fortunately, I could solve it by BreathFreash™. Thanks, Fevolo.


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My kids like to eat on the go. But I can't tolerate the food smell inside the car. Thanks BreathFreash™ to refresh my Car.